I am a software engineer and data scientist who combines his computer science background and machine learning experience in order to deliver solutions in the data domain. Currently, I work as a Machine Learning Tech Lead at Netguru where I focus on applying machine learning to improve processes that impact customers’ experience.

I have finished my Bachelor of Computer Science and all but dissertation Master of Science at AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków.

Before Netguru, I worked in a few places. I interned at Siemens Corporate Research in Princeton where I have worked on medical imaging. I co-founded the machine learning software house Craftinity. At Netguru, for a year and a quarter I worked in a manager role (called Team Leader). I was responsible for growing business, shaping offering and hiring engineers.


I did many machine learning projects, just to mention a few:

  • similar dresses search engine
  • multi-modal left atrium segmentation based on CT scans and MRI
  • street2shop image search engine
  • open-source library opoca for speeding up proof of concept development
  • multi-class multi-label corporate documents classification
  • lead scoring


I’m eager to give talks on stuff I do at machine learnig / software development conferences. I did a few: